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Huna for Success:

Achieve success and happiness with the Huna philosophy, and realize your full potential.

Huna is a philosophy or tradition that comes from the ancient esoteric knowledge of Hawai'i.
It is based on the assumption that everything, including body and spirit, strives for harmony. In the absence of harmony, resistance and tension will interfere with your mana, which is your spiritual power.

In the Hawaiian language, the term "huna" means "secret" or "hidden". Huna is also described as secret power, as the power of soul, or the spiritual nature of human beings and their role within the Universe.

The tradition of Huna pursues the goal of a self-determined, effective and successful life with harmonious relationships. This tradition is taught by Serge Kahili King, the well-known Shaman from Hawai’i and author of a large number of books on Huna.

My services apply the tools and support necessary to achieve the best possible success and happiness in your life.

Through my workshops, trainings and individual sessions I employ my skills as Huna teacher (and Alaka'i of Serge Kahili King) and Lomi Lomi Nui/Kino Mana teacher to give you the best of the benefits Huna and Hawaiian bodywork have to offer.

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Serge Kahili King
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